vrijdag 8 juni 2012

A model of political systems

Politics is the system humans use to spread the resources they have between the goals they have. So you might expect that there would be only one politcal system in which everybody has its say. But what we see is a world in which basically there are two systems and within those two systems there are a benign and a malign model.
The two systems are democracy and dictatorship or monocracy.
The benign model of democracy uses many parties to represent the goals people within the system have. Within this benign model of democracy all citizens are allowed to have their say about how the resources will be used to reach the goals. The malign model of democracy is the one party state in which people are only allowed to choose what goals will be achieved, after which they are expected to help achieve them.
The benign model of dictatorship is the enlightened monarch or dictator. A dictator that sees himself as a good parent and whishes the best for his fellow citizens. The malign model is the selfish dictator who uses his position to better his personal situation at the expense of others.

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