zondag 22 september 2013

Do we really know what we say

How often do we talk without really knowing what we say? Is it often or is it just sometimes or even never. If we ask ourselves we will probably say sometimes. If we ask others they will say often. Although often in the eyes of others is more often than not related to how often we talk with the other person and how irritating the other thinks not knowing what you are talking about is. There are however a few important factors to remember when we are talking. First talking or communicating is always done in a relationship, so there are at least two persons needed for communication. Second to be able to communicate while knowing what you are talking about, you need to know your own level of knowledge of the subject and what the other persons level of knowledge is. Thirdly your own personality and that of your listener is of influence on how you interpret the idea of do you know what you are saying. And fourthly the interpretations of knowing what you say depends on how often you talk to each other. But lets start with that communication model we all know and love tot forget.

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