zondag 30 december 2012

Is greed a bad thing

Mankind has decided that there are seven behaviors that are to considered so bad, we should never show them. Those seven sins are even called deadly or mortal or cardinal sins. The seven sins are not necessarily bad, because if you take time to learn from them, these sins are great teachers. So what are those seven sins:

  1. gluttony in the form of eating to much
  2. greed (or avarice) the wish to hold on to material things to become rich
  3. sloth meaning extreme laziness
  4. pride in the meaning of finding yourself better than others
  5. lust in wanting something
  6. envy meaning that you want what others have
  7. wrath in the meaning of being angry at others
If you look good at these seven sins you might see a pattern, they all have to do with excess.

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